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Richmond United isn't just about soccer. We believe that it is a tool with which we can encourage our youth to persevere and pursue a brighter future. While we wish our teams success on the field, the true measure of success is to develop responsible youth who succeed in life.


Richmond United Soccer Club was founded in 1995 by members of the community interested in providing youth with an opportunity to play soccer. Since then, the club has seen many members come and go but recently has seen a tremendous upward trend in participation. This is due to the quality of the program, which promotes fun, development, and education. Moreover, it is due to its volunteers that have worked diligently to implement strong values and a vision that encourages our community to reach for higher goals.


With the help of the sport of soccer, to develop our children into responsible citizens who will become the future leaders of our community.


We believe playing youth soccer should be accessible to everyone. Whether you play competitive soccer or recreational soccer, our registration fees are some of the most affordable in the area. We work hard to stretch your fees by obtaining apparel and equipment for coaches through sponsorship and we also provide every single player with one soccer ball each year. We are proud to provide as much as we can while being one of the lowest price options around.


During the spring and fall seasons, we play against teams from Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, San Pablo, Oakland, and beyond.

For U-9 through U-19 teams, we offer a competitive program through Nor Cal, from Bronze to Premier. You can play against some of the best competition throughout the Bay Area.

For us, this component is critical. We organize trips to various colleges and conferences. In the past, our U19 girls attended a national conference for Hispanic Engineers in Anaheim, CA.


We are part of the Alameda Contra Costa Youth Soccer League, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting youth soccer. RUSC is currently composed of 36 teams (24 Boys Teams and 10 Girls Teams) and a U-6 "pee-wee" program. The 30+ teams range from U-8 to U-19 teams. The U-6 program is available for boys and girls ages 4 to 6. RUSC welcomes boys and girls (ages 4 to 18) to participate, regardless of experience or background.


RUSC has grown tremendously over the past six years. We believe that this growth is attributed to our increased focus on education and discipline along with the quality of the program. Our mission has resonated with the community and has led to the increase in growth.

We expect to continue growing with parents and players that share our vision. There are many more youth that have yet to play team sports we estimate that there are thousands of youth in Richmond who do not play a sport, we plan to reach out and encourage them to play and engage in a positive activity.

The current leadership within our club is composed of individuals who are passionate about changing their communities. The following provides a brief introduction for two of the officers within our club. You will see these officers coaching, setting fields, attending meetings, speaking with youth and much more in order to contribute to their community. They come from different backgrounds but their excitement and passion for improving their community is shared and a basis for their commitment.

Gilberg Rodriguez - Community Liaison

Mr. Rodriguez is a structural engineer who grew up in Montalvin Manor, an unincorporated community of Contra Costa County. He is a first generation college graduate with degrees from U.C. Berkeley (B.S. Civil Engineering) and U.T. Austin (M.S. Civil Engineering). After graduating in 2003 from U.T. Austin, he had many opportunities to develop his career in many places other than the Bay Area, but his passion for completing the work he began as a high school student (worked with youth soccer in Montalvin Manor and also led a youth effort to perform park improvements that to this day has allowed Montalvin Manor residents to play soccer on a level space) led him back to his old neighborhood. Since he moved back, he has been an active member of the Montalvin Manor community and beyond. When Mr. Rodriguez returned from college in 2004, he started coaching youth in Montalvin Manor. Eventually he worked with others to organize an Under-19 boys team out of Montalvin Manor and they joined the Richmond United Soccer Club (RUSC) in the Spring of 2007. At the end of the Spring, he was asked to join the board as president. At the time, there were six teams, of which one was a girls team. Since then, the club has grown to over thirty teams and approximately kids (of those 30+, ten are girls teams). The emphasis has been to grow the club with teams that work within the mission of the club, which is to develop the youth of Richmond and surrounding communities into responsible citizens through the sport of soccer. The club expects to continue growing because their mission has resonated with the community. Mr. Rodriguez has worked to grow the club while meeting the mission through continual education of coaches on the importance of discipline and on-field behavior. Moreover, he has emphasized the importance of education. They have done so by taking college trips to various campuses (i.e., U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Davis and St. Mary's College) where youth meet college students and alumni. Mr. Rodriguez is also working to implement a tutoring program that will help kids perform better in school. Mr. Rodriguez also serves as co-chair of the Richmond SAFE (Safe Fields For Education) Coalition, a group that is focusing on improving and developing multipurpose fields so that youth have sufficient access to better athletic facilities. Throughout all these various efforts, he has also taken the time to coach teams of various ages from Under-10 girls through Under-15 girls in the hopes of continuing to grow and provide more opportunities for girls to play soccer. He also helped coordinate an effort with the City of Richmond to develop a winter futsal program which, under his guidance, grew to about 70 teams and over 600 kids. His goal was to provide kids with an athletic activity during the winter so that they are involved in something positive when outdoor activites are limited due to weather. His long term vision is to see RUSC as a college pipeline where youth develop the values and skills necessary to succeed and become college graduates and future leaders for our community. Through the results so far and through the tireless hours spent by RUSC volunteers, Mr. Rodriguez strongly believes this vision will become a reality.

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